!!!THE HORROR!!! (my 500 word story) (BY DIREN PATEL 5B)

This is BBC news at 6 AM,” We all should know what is   happening right now which is really scary… so, right now we are being attacked by zombies, please do not call us right now because if you call zombies can hear us, You The see zombies have a really good sense that is hearing so do not make a sound”.

Once there lived a woman, she also had a disabled girl .The disabled girl was staring at the window intensely .As her mother was talking to her friend on her phone, A loud nose was been knocking. “KNOCK!!! KNOCK!!!”, as the third knock have been heard the window had been cracked!!! “AHHHH!!” cried the woman. As the woman called the police the woman and the disabled girl had been bitten.

When the polices drove their car, there was a mysterious Woman walking. The police stamped on the break with all hisPower,” SCRHECH!! , as he stamped the breaks, he open the door .The police man was talking to the woman, as the woman spoke to him the woman hands changed into colour white .The police said to the other police man to step back, but the other policeman who was talking to the woman been bitten.

As the infection spread, many polices were bitten so no one could call the polices for any emergencies. Every hour, every minute, every second’s people are getting bit by zombies. Every is crying about people tuning into zombies, their family are turned into zombies how are you going to talk to them, who is going to look after you, your best friend turned into zombies.

It is so sad that every single person in some country are turning into zombies. ”This is BBC news at ten, an afoul lot of people are dying, as well as people dying, there are less humans on planet earth, if there is some of you that haven’t got the infection please text us, NOT CALL!!!”

Now there is only three survivors cried out the people in different countries, who are they? , where are they? The three survivors were two men and a woman who had did nothing for a couple of years. As they were doing nothing they had to drink instead of just being board.

One of the man did not want to drink because he didn’t want to get drunk because if they all were drunk and some zombies came they will not attack the zombie, instead the zombie would attack them instead so the clever man thought very deeply what could happen.

The next day zombies were walking, zombies were banging their heads on the hard rough wall. As one of the man spotted a zombie coming from the back door where they came to go in the house. The man said “zombie, zombie”. When he said that he decided to shoot the zombie but there was no ammo left so he died then the drunk people died.


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