First of all i’m really upset because i got banned from every experiment,just because the last experimant i ate a little a bit of jelly,when Kian had a whole sppon of jelly,and he didn’t even get banned.So when were about to the experimant the boys on my table said “your band your not aloud to do anythink” and at that moment i felt really upset,so i decided to just to sit there and not do anythink as i am banned,so i did that and the whole way through i didn’t do anythink,and then mohamed asked my teacher ia Aqsa atill banned and she said yea until she improves,and i was thinking i have improved i haven’t even done anythink wrong,so i was just like just leave it she’s nver going to let me do any experimant so i got really upset so that’s why it was the worst experimant ever and i hope my year 6 teacher dosn’t do banned me and this worst experimant won’t be the first worst one ok bye!


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