Here I am in my sleepover with my sleepover bag.I stepped in the door and,wait let me just rewind here I am at my sleepover at my cousins house,holding my sleepover bag.I stepped in the house and the living room light was opened so I thought they would be in there,but when I walked in it was just the Dad.So I was like then where were they,then After,I knew where they would be,UPSTAIRS! I ran upstairs and my cousin Hana she was there and straight away she hugged me and we were so happy,she looked down and she was like what is this bag doing in your hand and I was like i’ts my sleepover bag.Hana was like oh you got it ready.yea I said I asked why didn’t you think I would get it ready.

A few miniutes later I went  in there brothers room and the first thing I saw was him doing weight lifting I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know that you started doing it.It was really hard to beleive because they hardly do any exersice,so it was pretty suprising to me.Anyway,I started chatting to him then I got bored so I went to Hana’s room oh yea I forget to tell  you  that there was another cousin Ayesha as you all know she goes to the same school as me,the people in my school would know.

7 hours later we were playing hide and seek but when yusuf was playing with us he coughed and then he vomited,DAN DAN DAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After that there dad got in a bit of a mood so we all had to go to sleep but then we knew that we would get hungry so we got food for our midnight feast.This is for fun of it B I N G O!!!!!!!!!!!!Let me just get back to the point Hana got pringels and watsis, mango papya she stuffed themin her dressing table draw even  though it was midnight we had to wait for there mum to go sleep.5 miniutes later we had it and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo delecious.

The End xxxoo.


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