CHRISTMAS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well first of all,lets just say nearly everyone loves christmas,so just relax and enjoy reading this amazing story.once upon a time there was a younge beautiful women named Mary.she was married to a handsome man named Joseph.there life was normal,but one day when Joseph went out and Mary was alone,a beautiful shining Angel named Gabreil.Mary was in shock.she spoke to Angel saying wh….wh….who are you?My name is Gabriel and I came to pass on a message from our lord.Our lord?yes our lord.Well what was the message?Our lord sent that you are going to have a baby.A BABY!!!!!!!!!yes a baby.oh my god well then if this is what our lord wants then I would do what ever it takes.

A few hours later,Joseph came back and asked what happened?I am going to have a baby.WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR NOT JOIKNG?no im not a Angel came round named Gabriel and he passed on this message from our i refuse for you having a baby.anyway im going to go sleep goodnight.But…i said good night.

when both of them were asleep,Joseph had a dream when Gabreil came round and,said you don’t have to treat her like this,this might be one of the best things that is going to happen to her,and i think you should help her.and don’t forget it is your baby aswell.Ok then what do I have to do.tomorrow night you and Mary have to go to the bethlehem.

it was the next day and Mary woke up,Joseph told her what happned in his dream and Mary agreed with him.They told all they friends and famaliy first then they travelled.When they got there Mary was in labur pain and she couldn’t walk any more so Joseph sat her down and told her that he would go an find them a room but when he got back to Mary she said any luck?Joseph said no,but a women found them and told them that there is a stable in the corner under that tree near the tree Mary had a baby and the three wise kings and gave them gols frankinstine and mur to see the baby Jesus.

Now we all no whywe christians celebrate christmas! By the way this is Aqsa writing this down for ll the gental christians!!!!!!!!!

From Aqsa xxxo


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