Today I had my first guitar exam, it was really far so I travelled by bus and walked a bit .I woke up early this morning and started practising my guitar pieces, scales and strumming. I felt a little nervous about the exam but I was also looking forward to it. I was hoping to pass the exam. My mum and I left just before lunchtime at 11 o’clock. I travelled with my mum only and started off by walking for about 5 minutes and then caught the bus to the bus station.

We went in the bus and was trying to reach Romford. It took about 45 minutes to get there. When we reached there I tuned my guitar, then practised my chords, scales and pieces to get ready for my exam. I was thinking I could pass this exam. My exam was a preliminary exam before I start the grade exams next year.

My aim for my guitar exam is to do all 8 grades. For my guitar exam I had to play C major, G major scales and two pieces which were Morning Has Broken and Love Me Tender. Morning Has Broken was really hard, I think I may have made a couple of mistakes. The other parts of the exam was fine. After the exam we went back home.

During my way home my mum bought a couple of chicken wings for a snack which are really tasty!!!!! I really enjoyed my guitar exam, but was hungry. I hope my next exam will be as exciting as this or even much more exciting than this!!!!

By Diren Patel 5B


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