all about my dog by (KENNEDY)

I was 7 years old when I saw a little fluffy thing come out of, car I was scared it was a cat (I HATE CATS!). As my mum came closer and closer I could feel my heart pounding with fear.Suddenly my mum knocked on the door I was to scared to open it so I asked my Uncle, as my mum walked into the room with a white fluffy thing in her hands she told me that was a dog and my heart was pumping so fast as she put her in my arms , I was so we got home I thought of a name called liana, I asked what bread she was it was a bichon fries ( its French?)her furr was all white and smelt just like milk.

this is what she looked liked .

I hope you liked my blog plz leave a comment …………

so cute !……….If you have a dog please make a blog about her/him………bye 🙂


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