first of all when I woke up I thought it was going to be an odinary day,well It wasnt,so just read on and youl find everything about it.So first of all i woke up in a slighty different mood.Just because i didnt think it was going it dosnt mean i can be in a good mood,Anyway when i went in the bathroom,to brush my teeth,my mum was already doing it when she just woke me up like two seconds ago,i know she wants to keep her teeth clean,BUT STILL!!!But when my brother was behind her i thought it was like a christmas sale.But the only thing that made me happy was,my brother said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” so ithought it will start with a good day.moving on my mum finished brushing her teeth,she was just looking at me like she didnt remember somthing such as my birthday.but i just ignored it and walked right passed her.The next thing i have to right about when my sister woke up,basicly what happened my mum woke her up,her eyes looked like she’s got punched in an eye,also her hair looked like medusa but anyway she always brushes her hair nearly everytime when it gets messy.later on i went to have my breakfast no one said nothink like litchrey they said nothink.i’ll be back sooner this isnt just it this is the 1st part.


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