week 5 when paul left!!!!!!!!!!

it is time to judge it is either paul or j james its sheral’s turn to judge who goes home and who stays.Sheral is thinking and this is a tough choice because they are both are absouloutly brilliant.She is saying who she is sending home,oh my gosh she has sent j james home but wait its not over lewi is the last judge to send home an act oh come on lewi hurry up hes taking like 10million years,oh here it comes the act he is sending home is paul akister,that means it is dead lock that means when they have a draw and when the audiance gets to choose who they want to send home.oh i better start voting for paul he is my favourite.our time is up it is time for dermet to pronounce the person that we voted.And the act who is going home is paul WHAT!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! i am really angery,oh my gosh he is crying so much but he would like to see laren on the ninth weekhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2cW_3f5RYD0#t=0


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