Ria’s Dinner’s

Today I came into school and I had school dinners,I waited for lunch and it finally came! There was no line so I was lucky I got cutlery and plate and joy came in my eyes sausages were just glaring at me. Then the kind dinner lady then scooped some mash and put it in my plate I passed my vegetables and got my desert. Today was cheese and crackers and yogurt, They gave cut up cheese pieces. After I gobbled it all up it was extremelly delicious!


Stars:5                                                                                                                                                             Taste:Delicious                                                                                                                                  Hair:0




7 thoughts on “Ria’s Dinner’s

  1. sausages can not glare at you.
    it is probably a imagination In your mind that you are thinking.
    and anyways we are not the last class for lunch so do not say that you are lucky that nobody was in the line behind you.

    tahha manzoor


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