The Science Museum!!!!!

On the 21st of November we went to an amazing trip to the educational visit to the science museum. Firstly we went to the workshop of fantastic forces. There was a lady who told us all about the forces. The forces she told us were thrust, up thrust, friction, weight, mass, gravity, air resistance, magnetism, push, and pull. It was a really long workshop that was almost about to make me SLEEP!!After the very long workshop we went to a place called the Launchpad. It had all the different forces that we learnt, but some of the things were not things to do with forces such as holograms and selfie, but the best thing was the rocket When it bursted and went POP it would make a loud noise and everybody  around it will jump. And I can not forget about lunch, for  lunch I had cheese and cucumber sandwich which was DELISIOUS. After my lunch we went strolling back to school with my legs all floppy and sleepy so were the others in my class[I think]I really enjoyed it.


Leticia’s dinner

there it was the chips staring at me a dribble of sweat went down my cheek to notice it was not only chips there a chicken drum stick lurking around there too and then it was……….. DELISIOUSE!!!!! I realised that was the Best dinner I had ever tasted

My snack after school

Ok so now I am home and I’m eating a packet of maltesers they are yummy!

And I’m watching some television at the same time as I’m writing this blog.

For dinner today I am going to have pasta and my mum makes it really nice so I look forward to that.

armans dinner

Lucky me I went home for lunch!


I ate yummy rice and gravy, I dont like any chicken or meat, just lots of yummy sauce! On the side I had a nice cold glass of water.

AFter that big plate of food I had to rush back to school…Oh I am so tired now!

Paige’s Dinner’s

Today I walked into the dinner hall to find a quite a long line, but it went very quickly. I glared at other peoples plates which had chicken drumsticks which I absolutely love however my friend Ria hates it. We finallly arrived and got our food I got chicken drumsticks and rice and Ria got chicken curry and rice. We both skipped vegetables for desert was the one and only syrup sponge and custard but as we were the last class we didn’t get any.


Stars:5                                                                                                                                                                      Taste:Scrumptios                                                                                                                                                     Hair:0